For the past few years, we have reconstructed, revived and coordinated the Heart Land Toy Show or Salina Toy Show as we call it. Numberous times, we have had individuals approach us  wanting to get a Toy Show started in Hutchinson, KS. and we have always say "You start it and we'll help".  Well, this past year, we decided to check out the situation and availability of a building to host a Toy Show in Hutchinson Kansas and checked with several of our vendors/dealers that are a part of the Salina Toy Show to see if they were interested.  For the most part, the response was GREAT......and  that is the beginning.  2018 will be the beginning of a Hutchinson Kansas Toy Show.
​We have secured a contract to be in the Sunflower North Building on the Kansas State Fairgrounds, for Saturday, July 28, 2018 and the show will be called Sunflower Classic Toy Show, Hutchinson, KS.     So, that is the beginning and we are working hard to get the show off the ground with the help of many of our vendors, dealers, friends and foes!  
If you have any questions, or would like to be a vendor at this show, please give me a call at 785-201-7814 or e-mail at [email protected]     We may not have the answer but we will try to find one for you.
​Thank you for visiting this website.  I hope to update it in the near future  with more details and information.
​Deana, Coordinator