What can I expect to see and buy at this
As of this date of June 15, 2018, the contracts for the first Annual Sunflower Classic Toy Show are still coming in.   What kind of toys are we expecting to see?  We have Antique and Collectible farm toys, Tonka Toys, Semi Trucks,  Customized Semi Trucks and trailers,  Airplanes,Vintage Toys, Dolls, Cars,  "Misc. Old Boys Toys",  Hot Wheels, Model kits,   Marx toys, Pedal Cars,  Games, Army men (of the 50;s-60;s), Toy Guns , Tin Windup toys, Diecast,  Advertising, Toy Banks,  Marbles, Tootsie Toys, Buddy L,   Western Toys, Tractor Sales Literature, New England match box, Barbie dolls,  action figures,  McDonald's, Fisher Price,  and much more that isn't listed.   
At the present time, we have dealer/vendors from Texas, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota  and of course, Kansas.